Peer review #1

For my first Peer Review Assignment, I will be reviewing Pleasant Pawws. I’m excited to do this because I love the idea of creating a comfy world of pets for readers to escape to by visiting the site! I instantly thought this was such a fresh and interesting idea and it was great to see how well the creator of the site executed their concept!

Upon first entering the site, I noticed that all areas of the site were made instantly accessible with all of the latest posts at the navigation on top of the site, and a photo gallery on the right side.

I like how the author, Marihah, adds weekly updates of her life through each post along with photos of her cat — it really makes you feel closer to the author because you are being let in on a bit of their life.

Because of how personal these stories are to the writer, it reminded me of one of our course readings that talked about solipsistic introjection — I could see readers beginning to feel this towards the blog. They may feel a sense of closeness to the author as she shares detailed stories about her life with her pets. As John Suler explains in The Online Disinhibition Effect, “we may start to think, perhaps without being fully aware of it, that the typed-text conversation is all taking place within our heads.” 

The content of this blog could make readeres subconsciously feel as though they are having a personal conversation with the writer as they read detailed accounts of their lives and possibly relate to it, and form what they perceive to be a deeper understanding of the author or the stories being told.

This can be really great for the blog creator because it brings more depth to their content and adds a sense of relatability to their audience. However, I do think some posts could be expanded on a little bit more — maybe to two paragraphs per post, just to create the best quality content for their audience! I also just enjoy hearing the author’s thoughts on given topics. I really enjoyed reading their blog post reflecting on their privacy as a student because she made a lot of relatable points and let the reader into her mind a little bit.

In terms of the aesthetics of the website, I think the logo is so cute and it’s great because the paw is obviously self-explanatory of what the website is all about. It’s direct and to the point, and lets the reader know exactly what to expect from their blog. I like how cohesive the design is and how the same featured images are used for each post, but with the post numbers customized. 

I love how the photo gallery of Marihah’s cats can be seen on each page so the audience can constantly see the central idea/character of the website. 

This website is overall really well done because each page is easily accessible to its users and the overall concept is communicated very clearly upon first entering the site and as you move through it!

I can definitely see how she has shaped her “online-self” to be one that emraces authenticity and that is excited to share her passions with the world.

Good luck with the rest of your content creation journey, Marihah!

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